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About Lake of the Ozarks and McNally Properties

Video Transcript:

Lake of the Ozarks: The Premier Vacation Destination of the Midwest Lake of the Ozarks is THE premier vacation destination in the Midwest. In addition, it is home to a growing population of second-home owners and affluent new residents. With more miles of shoreline than California has coastline, the lake has something to offer everyone.

Lake of the Ozarks is the only large lake in the Midwest where private ownership extends to the water's edge.

Fishing, waterskiing and boating are the obvious attractions of a beautiful inland waterway with more than 1,100 miles of shoreline.

But that is just the beginning at Lake of the Ozarks. There is also fine dining and nightlife on and off the waterfront, world class golf, shopping and so much more.

Busy summers, colorful falls, brief, mild winters and the most glorious spring anywhere make Lake of the Ozarks the place to go for year-round fun.

Lake Information

Lake of the Ozarks is perfectly located near the Midwests population centers. Kansas City, Des Moines, St. Louis and Chicago are all within an easy drive. That is millions of potential customers for Lake businesses.

Major highways feed into the lake's transportation system which is benefiting from 200 million dollars in earmarked state funding. Lee C. Fine Airport in Lake of the Ozarks State Park, can handle planes as large as 727s.

Tens of thousands of lucky people call Lake of the Ozarks their full-time home with hundreds of thousands more second-home owners and visitors coming and going year round.

There is no better place to boat in the Midwest than Lake of the Ozarks. From casually cruising waterfront hotspots or roaring down the lake on a wake board to quite days of fishing, the lake has it all. Speaking of those quiet days, miles of the lakes shore lie in 17,000 acre Lake of the Ozarks State Park, Missouri? largest.

Golfers call Lake of the Ozarks heaven. There are more than a dozen world-class courses designed by such golf notables as Robert Trent Jones, Arnold Palmer and Tom Weiskopf.

Retail Information

Lake residents, second-home owners and visitors enjoy above average earnings and disposable income. Millions of tourist dollars flow into Lake of the Ozarks coffers each year, making it the lynch-pin of Missouri? second largest industry.

As millions of American Baby Boomers reach their peak earning years, they are beginning to look for that perfect retirement location. For thousands, Lake of the Ozarks will be that perfect place.

Already many national retail chains have seen the future at Lake of the Ozarks and have located facilities here. Combined with hundreds of local retailers from marinas to t-shirt shops, they are fueling a tax revenue boom. Since 1998 sales tax revenues have doubled, an important indicator of retail strength.

Signs of the maturity of the Lake of the Ozarks market include recent announcements that two major resort development groups are planning major lakefront projects. John Q. Hammons Resorts and Hotels, one of the world? leading hoteliers, plans to construct a 300-room hotel, conference center and spa in Osage Beach.

The London-based Compass Group has proposed Riva D'ago, a multi-million dollar resort and residential complex to be built across the lake from Osage Beach on Shawnee Bend. An upscale 306-room resort hotel, restaurant and exhibition center are at the center of this major waterfront development.

These world-class facilities will draw thousands of new business people, their families and upscale tourists to Lake of the Ozarks for conventions, events and vacations.

All The Pieces Are In Place

Pat McNally, head of McNally Properties commercial division at Lake of the Ozarks, says this is the time to invest in lake property of all kinds.

Lake of the Ozarks is reaping the benefits of national and regional trends that affect both the commercial investment market and the luxury home or second-home market.

With an entire generation of Baby Boomers looking toward retirement, real estate offers solid ongoing investment. The lake's active lifestyle and nearly endless opportunities for recreation and relaxation are already drawing thousands of Boomers ready to enjoy retirement. The proximity of major metropolitan areas adds to the lure for a generation that is the driving force behind a huge economic upswing at Lake of the Ozarks.

McNally points to the tax advantages of certain types of real estate transactions, particularly the tax-free exchange possibilities associated with commercial investment properties. Lake of the Ozarks property is not subject to market influences that afflict other locations. While plant closings and other events have dramatic effects on urban areas, the lake tends to experience economic changes gradually and minimally, or not at all.

Pat McNally is a trusted expert in Lake of the Ozarks commercial property. He was recently involved in the sale of property that will clear the way for a John Q. Hammons resort and convention center to be built in Osage Beach. His commercial clients include some of the most prominent members of the lake business community.

Often those who have chosen to invest in commercial property at the lake are interested in moving to the area full time. Because Lake of the Ozarks has a unique mix of natural beauty and urban amenities, it provides a safe, comfortable and exciting lifestyle while remaining very affordable compared to other areas.

For three decades McNally has been the name to know in Lake of the Ozarks real estate. Today McNally Properties combines the very best expertise in both residential and commercial lake property with a reputation built on integrity and family values..