McNally Properties Internet Marketing and Sales Program


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Lake of the Ozarks Best Real Estate
Internet Marketing and Sales Program.

  • Today 75% - 90% of Buyers begin their Home search on the Internet!
  • We are Lake of the Ozarks #1 Real Estate Internet Marketers.
  • Our Websites are ranked at the Top of the Search Engines On Google, McNally Properties alone has well over 13,000 indexed web pages.
  • Over 35,000 Page Views to Our Real Estate Websites Every Month.

Wanting to sell your Lake of the Ozarks real estate, read on as we tell you more,..

  • The McNally Properties Hi-Tech Real Estate Marketing Plan has been designed to sell your home or real estate for as much as possible, as quickly as possible, as smoothly as possible! Real Estate advertising has changed dramatically in the past 5 years, and it's crucial to use the right media to attract buyers - THE INTERNET !... Our multiple websites, high search engine ranking, extensive vertical search advertising, web enhanced listings, delivers an unmatched, high impact selling tool. We do proper SEO (Search Engine Optimization) with social link submissions, efficient domain submissions, as well as crucial directory submissions, and much more ensure that we get maximum results to our websites.
  • UNMATCHED INTERNET ADVERTISING: Today 75% - 90% of all home buyers and investors at Lake of the Ozarks and elsewhere, begin their realty search on the Internet… That’s a Fact ! Extensive research by the National Association of Realtors shows that the most important information buyers look for on the internet are #1 - Price and Home Addresses, #2 - Neighborhood and School Information, #3 – Multiple Photos, and #4 – Detailed Property Information. Many agents claim to perform highly when it comes to internet marketing, but they fail to successfully illustrate some of the above 4 most important features of internet property listings. McNally Properties surpasses expectations and advertises all of the most important features of each property listed!
  • MLS LISTINGS: Our custom designed MLS Database allows all users to view detailed property information, without giving any personal information, with no limit on the number of searches. Any individual can search any listing--whether it is listed by McNally Properties or not. We put all our listings in the both LOBAR and BDAR area Multiple Listing Service (MLS) called the Lake Area MLS. This not only ensures that your home is marketed to every agent at Lake of the Ozarks. It also greatly increases the number of websites and web postings that will feature your home. Qualified Buyers are working with agents in this day of Buyer Representation, therefore being in both listing services is essential to presenting your real estate to all ready, willing and able investors and home buyers. In addition, we maximize the power of the internet to aggressively market directly to potential buyers and investors. Our listings are placed into numerous Internet real estate marketing websites, and we follow up diligently with every single inquiry we receive from all the marketing techniques we utilize. In short, we take full advantage of today's technology to market your home as aggressively and comprehensively as possible, to meet the demands of today's marketplace. .
  • INITIAL CONSULTATION: The process of selling your property begins with a no-obligation interview and listing consultation. This gives us an opportunity to get to know you and for you to get to know us! We are able view your home or real estate and make suggestions which help you prepare the property for the market. This is an important step which allows us to assist you in getting maximum value for your home, lot, or commercial business. McNally Properties has great insight and experience with cosmetic and repair issues that will ultimately net you more for your property. Our marketing and advertising plan is fluid and will be modified and customized to fit your particular needs!
INTERNET - REGIONAL ADVERTISING WEBSITES: Local and regional websites are an important feature that many agents overlook. At McNally Properties we want to target not only the internet savvy, database-expert, agent--but the average Joe, also! Classifieds and locally published sites are another way we become visible to possible buyers, sellers, and renters. At any one moment--your property can be seen in any, if not all, of the following websites:

INTERNET - NATIONAL WEBSITE PORTALS: In order to increase visibility to possible buyers out of our immediate area, McNally Properties publishes your listings, nation-wide, on major real estate advertising websites. These nationally searched websites include, but are not limited to: and

INTERNET - VERTICAL INTERNET ADVERTISING: Due to our use of multiple websites and their affiliates and associations, our websites that list your home for sale will be advertised directly and syndicated in several additional major websites, such as: and We also use vertical Internet advertising in Niche Directory's to promote our multiple real estate websites. We place your listings on the all of the above mentioned sites, when applicable, which target specific audiences and locations and provide the best opportunity for a buyer-seller, or lessee-lessor match.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We don't want to mislead you, so to be clear NOT every listing is submitted to all the above websites. Several of the domains listed under NATIONAL WEBSITE PORTALS, VERTICAL INTERNET ADVERTISING and REGIONAL ADVERTISING WEBSITES only accept listings from specific property types. We list our clients properties in the appropriate websites and categories.

OUR GUARANTEE: We guarantee that you will receive custom tailored services that match your specific situation! That's right, we are determined to providing a great environment to facilitate sales here at McNally Properties. We are dedicated to developing a great relationship with all of our clients and you will be provided with the best-matched agent and situation-specific resources we have to offer! We guarantee enthusiastic devotion to your real estate wishes.

EXPERTISE: In addition to aggressive marketing, you want highly experienced Realtors such as the McNally Properties Team negotiating for you and representing you when an offer comes in. We know how to negotiate effectively on your behalf and protect your interests. We have systems in place to make sure that the buyer of your home and their agent are living up to their responsibilities. Additionally, we are there for you throughout the inspection process to help you avoid the pitfalls that can occur and to make sure that a fair and equitable solution is negotiated.

SUPERVISION: We will provide you guidance and counseling regarding important disclosure documents and experienced advice, home inspection from buyer, etc. We'll also supervise and expedite all vendors involved with the closing process to insure a smooth and timely close of escrow. You'll be in great hands, for we have many years of real estate sales success backed by the experience of over 600 home closings. Don't just take our word for it... see what other past clients had to say about us!

INTERNET - 1,000'S OF PAGE VIEWS: As a result of our SEO, multiple-source website design, article writing, we generate well over 35,000 page views to our websites each and every month. This means your property is getting viewed not only by those looking to buy, but those looking for information on real estate trends, local economic data, tips on selling, and vacation information. These casual viewers can easily turn into serious buyers. More views means more results!

INTERNET - PAGE 1 OF GOOGLE: Our unique and aggressive Internet strategies, with multiple MLS websites, make us more than 80% successfull in getting the listings of our homes for sale to show up on Page 1 of Google in MLS searches. This is an amazing feat! Since Google is the top search engine, this means that your listing will be displayed before hundreds of others, putting you ahead of the competition!

INTERNET - REALTOR.COM ENHANCED: is the single most visited website nationwide by potential home buyers. On, we pay extra to enhance our listings with Multiple Digital Photos, more detailed descriptions and virtual tours. This is another way that we manage to connect so many serious buyers to sellers.

SIGNS, FLYERS and MAILINGS: McNally Properties signs are placed at all of our properties and are both highly recognizable and visible! We get a large portion of our calls just from passers-by who have seen one of our large property signs. Flyers and informational mailings are directed to individuals who have expressed an interest in a particular property. We use both standard USPS delivery for our information as well as digital versions through e-mail and social messaging services.

OPEN HOUSES: Open House aren't as effective as they used to be prior to the Internet, we seldom do them anymore. As every real estate transaction is different we still can do them in unique situations if permitted by your HOA association and OK'd by you. Our team of ambitious Realtors will promote your property in many ways other than Open Houses to attract additional buyer and investor traffic.

PRINT MEDIA: Despite the fact that most Buyers use the Internet to shop for homes and the print media for real estate still an existing part of our multi-media marketing techniques. When applicable, we can place listings in local and even national newspapers, real estate guides, and post to local bulletins.

PRINT MEDIA PLEASE NOTE: Newspaper and Magazine advertisements no longer attract Investors and Buyers like they used to several years ago... the Internet is the new dominate source for Property and Home For Sale advertising... here's why!

Magazine advertisements typically have just one photo, and due to the publishing lag time, the listing information is out of date, or worse yet, many of the homes are already sold. Internet savvy home shoppers know this about Home Magazines, and therefore don't refer to them and utilize the Internet instead. The Web gives them up-to-date detailed information with virtual tours, multiple photos, and more...

Newspaper advertisements are just basically outdated, often times they have no photos at all, and incorporate just 3 to 4 lines of text to advertise an $800K home. Newspaper information is more timely than a magazine, but the information is lacking, when compared to the Internet. Today, intellectual investors and home shoppers will skip the newspapers and go directly to the Internet for a full descriptions and photos of real estate they desire.

Open Houses are not as effective as they used to be years ago. Prospective investors and home buyers realize that when going to an Open House they don't often know the features, size or price of the home. Using the Internet, prospective investors and buyers can search through thousands of homes for sale in just minutes. They then can select several homes that meet their specific needs, wants, and desires.

Please don't misunderstand what we are saying We do still advertise in traditional print media. But if you want to obtain top dollar for your Lake of the Ozarks home by maximizing the exposure of your home to as many prospective internet savvy home buyers as possible, then you need to list with a real estate team that thoroughly understands and maximizes the power of the Internet... that's us... the McNally Properties Team.

TEAM BENEFITS: Finally, we provide you a Team concept for better service and broader hours of support.

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