Lake of the Ozarks Schools


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Research by the National Association of Realtors shows that one of the most important information buyers look for on the internet is - Neighborhood and school information. In order to choose real estate here at Lake of the Ozarks that is in the school district of your liking, we have installed this widget to help you determine which schools serve which locations. Simply enter the zip code under search and the widget will display relevant schools.

A few local zip codes to aid you in obtaining the school information you may require when looking at Lake of the Ozarks real estate. Click the links below for detailed school and neighborhood information.

65020 - Camdenton, Missouri
65026 - Eldon, Missouri
65065 - Osage Beach, Missouri
65049 - Lake Ozark, Missouri
65079 - Sunrise Beach, Missouri
65084 - Versailles Missouri

Please Note: Local high schools are, for the most part, covered up by elementary schools. To better view area high schools, simply uncheck elementary, and or middle schools. If you are not familiar with the lake area a large part of Osage Beach is in the Camdenton School District.